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Cognitive Justice Intl.’s mission is to Educate the justice impacted and underserved communities. Bridge organizations & communities that serve justice impacted and underserved  populations. Empower Cognitive Justice.


CJI Work

Enter a world where every individual, regardless of their past, holds the keys to a brighter future. At Cognitive Justice Intl., we champion cognitive empowerment, envisioning a society that values community sustainability and transformation. We envision breaking the cycle of systematic barriers and community violence through education and skill-building.

CJI Services

Our service areas focus on creating a more equitable and just society. We work on projects related to community education, mental health, housing and social justice. Our team of advocates is passionate about creating a positive impact in the world. 

CJI Partners

We work with various partners to achieve our mission of cognitive justice. Our partners include non-profit organizations, community members, victim rights groups and academic institutions. Together, we strive to create a world where cognitive justice is a reality. 


Cognitive Justice International is a non-profit organization that works towards promoting cognitive justice. Our mission is to create a fair and just society for all, where cognitive biases are addressed and cognitive rights are upheld. Our team of experts comes from diverse backgrounds and are passionate about creating a positive impact in the world. Click below to learn more about our team and our mission.



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